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Helene Caura



I have many slides (slides with interactions only apparently) where the rewind button doesn't work, or replay the sound from a layer. And yes, my slide settings are "resume from initial state". It is the same if I test in HTML or HTML5.

I have attached 2 slides from the course. On the first slide you will see that the audio for the second answer doesn't play after we refresh the screen once or twice, whereas the correct audio will always play. On the second slide you will note that the rewind button replays the audio from the correct layer only.

I have several other glitches like these. Will appreciate any help on this. I need to tell my client if it is a bug or I need to fix it if I did something wrong.

I also found another issue: the correct answer of a fill in the blank screen is "12 Smith Road". I didn't tick the case sensitive box. The correct audio layer will play if I type "12 smith road" but not if we type "12 Smith Road". This is insane! The audio of the slide won't replay if we rewind and we can't type the answer anymore if we rewind (we can if we click next or previous and come back to the screen, which is set to "resume initial state". Help!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Helena,

For the first and secondslide, when the audio isn't replaying I'd set it to "reset to initial state" so that each time the layer is treating it as if you're viewing it for the first time and then replaying it. Automatically decide leaves it up to Storyline to decide, and it may not always decide what you think it should. :-)  

Also it's worth noting the rewind button will work as described here.

In regards to your fill in the blank- I didn't see that one slide included in this example? Do you have another .story file to share?