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Aug 26, 2014

What program do you use to edit your audio? I need to do more (background noise reduction, remove clicks, etc.) than I can do in the editor included in Storyline. Thanks!

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Dana Harrison

Thanks so much, Leslie! What great threads! I confess to being a bit overwhelmed by the discussions about ways to manipulate your voice. That's really appealing to me (I always sound so young I think) and will be great to get into later.

The second thread talked a lot about Audacity, which I have played with, but I didn't like the quality of what I produced...I need to spend more time to really learn it.

For what it's worth, for the production I'm working on now, I use the Storyline tool for recording, then edit in Camtasia Studio, then export/import to get the file back to Storyline, then align animations. Although I usually use Camtasia for working with video and screen recording, I really like doing simple audio clean up there (reduce background noise, remove clicks) and I can get an .mp3 out of it.

From the quick skim through the conversations, it looks like many others have a lengthy multistep process as well. I thought that maybe I was missing something in Storyline. But that raises and interesting point...why is there not more editing capability in Storyline? I find the Audio Editor great for clipping (love!), but I'm surprised that there aren't simple options like noise reduction offered. I guess what I wish is that there were a handful of other editing options available in the Audio Editor. Nothing to the level of all that Audacity offers, but at least at the level of what Camtasia offers.

Anyway, thanks again for your feedback. I look forward to seeing if there are any other thoughts that people share.



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