Audio editing plays back choppy audio

Hi. Audio editing has always needed some babying, for example, I have to be sure to save after every single edit because I know it might crash at some point. But I now have a new problem, and have discovered from a co-worker it has always been a problem for her. When opening the audio edit window after working in the storyline file for a bit, the audio plays back very choppy. One must close the program and open it fresh and go directly to the audio editor for it to play back nicely for editing.

Is there an issues list that this can be added to?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Arleen,

I've seen a few threads describing a similiar situation, but it hasn't been something we're able to replicate consistently on our end to determine if it's a bug. If you'd like to share your files with us, we'll be happy to take a look. Please send your .story file along here, and there will also be an option to record a screencast of what's happening which in this situation will help our team understand what you're experiencing. 

Also, as Nick mentioned there are some things that you can check in regards to your audio recordings, and there is a great blog post here with other tips. 

Arleen Janz

Yeah, it's something that happens off and on. One never knows when, but if it's a project that requires a lot of edits, it will definitely happen at least two or three times. We don't do the recording in Storyline. We record it outside and bring the files in, but then we might want to insert pauses or decide to break it into pieces for different layers. The editor is perfect for this sort of thing, if not for the annoyance of having to save, close and open the file so often.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Krista and welcome to Heroes! 

Sorry to hear that you're experiencing similar behavior to Nick and Arleen, but we'd be happy to take a look at your file as well. You're welcome to share files here in the forums and you can also connect with our Support Engineers. Additionally if you'd prefer to send to me directly I can send you directions on how to do so. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Donna!

This thread is a bit dated and I am not seeing where any of the users above submitted support cases for their issue. Makes it difficult to provide an update. 

Does this happen in any file that you work on or just a certain file?

You may want to import your slides into a new file.

If you are having difficulty across projects and with your software in general, I would advise you to check out the repair option in this document.

Donna Zacks

Hi Leslie,

I did everything you suggested in your email. I imported slides into a new project, I uninstalled and reinstalled the software, and I even created a brand new project and still had the same occurrence. The audio sounds fine when I play the slide as a whole, but when I go into the audio to edit, that's when the playback is choppy. If I close the project and open it again, it plays perfectly.

I have NO idea why this is happening, since it never happened before, and I've been using the software for almost two years.

I'm attaching my latest test file, but I imagine the audio will play perfectly for you. Maybe you can record audio on it and see if it reacts the same as it does for me.



Ronald Ladley

I just opened a case for the same issue in Storyline 2 (Articulate Case # 01052569).  I been using the editor religiously for over a year now with no issues, no all of a sudden creating a new project and recording audio using AS2, I am having the same issue everyone else is talking about.  My coworker just told me that she has had it from day 1.  

However, when playing back in preview it is fine???  We need that editor back!!!

Ronald Ladley

Articulate Support,

This is still an issue and must be fixed. We are unable to leverage the audio editor in AS3 and it is very frustrating and unacceptable. At first I thought it was my laptop, however my company has provided me with a brand new one with loads of HD space and memory so it is NOT a laptop issue as originally thought. I have attached a story file with the issue per your review. Please setup a time with Francesca or myself to fix this asap.

We are forced to use 3rd party tools for audio recording and editing which are free.


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Leslie McKerchie

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