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Sep 11, 2019

What are you all using for a audio editor? I want something other then the built in that allows me to do things like noise cancellation, volume control, slicing out breaths, adding background music, etc. Something like the capability that Camtasia Studio has but is meant just for audio and is not super tedious to use with Storyline 360. 

thanks in advance!

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Jerry Beaucaire

I do everything in AUDACITY (free - open-source).  I took the time to create an EQ I like for my own voice and stored in Audacity as an effect.

  1. Record directly into Audacity
  2. Apply a global noise reduction
  3. Apply a global EQ 
  4. Go through recording once to edit out errors (I just keep recording and repeat over and over until I'm happy with each phrase, then use Audacity to clip out the nonsense during this step).

    During this step I also apply a selective FadeOut at the end of sentences.  This reduces the level of breaths without eliminating them altogether (to my ear it sounds odd that no one ever breathes AT ALL, so this just makes it gentle).
  5. Option addition of bg music including auto-ducking.  Depends on the narration. 
  6. Export to WAV
  7. Drop into SL.
  8. Lather, rinse, repeat.
Jerry Beaucaire

Definitely get in there and play with those EFFECTS.

1. Highlight some audio

2. Select EFFECT > EQUALIZATION (this effect won't open unless some audio is selected)

3. Under the Select Curve drop down, play with the default options.   I started with the BASS BOOST, then added some treble back in, clicking on the PREVIEW button to hear how the tweak I was making sounded.   When I was pleased with the bass/treble boost, I used the Save/Manage Curves button to save my settings as a new CURVE, which then became available in the curves permanently.

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