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Aug 12, 2014


when I use the Articulate Storyline Audio Editor to change audio tracks by deleting small pieces of the track (like disturbing sounds) and then saving it, the Articulate player plays the right audio (the changed and saved one) but when I try to export this audio (mp3) eg to my hard disk, the original (unedited and uncut) audio was saved instead of the edited one.

Can you please help me out here ?

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Antony Snow

Hi Thomas,

I noticed similar behaviour too when editing several files for a large project but discovered that if you click on the Articulate button in the Audio Editor window and select 'Export' from there instead of clicking on [Save & Close] and trying to export the file via the 'Sound Options', the MP3 that is saved is the edited file rather than the original.

I don't know if this is by design or a bug, but this worked for me.

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