Audio Editor Won't Replace Sound with Silence

Feb 01, 2016

Hi All,

I've been having some issues with editing my audio in Storyline.  Not always, but sometimes when I try to replace noise with silence using the Audio Editor, it will only let me insert audio.  Yes, I select/highlight the section that I want replaced and then select the "Silence" button at the top.  The issue is, when I select the silence button, the "Insert Silence" box appears and I can't seem to figure out why.

I've attached a screenshot of what shows up when I select the "Silence" button - maybe it could help?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi D'Ana!

Looks like you may not have selected the audio clip you wish to replace.

You can insert silence into your audio waveform to improve phrasing. Click the waveform at the point where you want to insert silence, then click Silence on the ribbon. (You can also right-click and choose Insert Silence.) When the Insert Silence window appears, enter the number of seconds of silence you want to add and click OK.

Tip: If you want to replace part of the waveform with silence, just select the portion you want to replace and click Silence. You won't be asked to specify the number of seconds. Instead, silence will simply replace the selected waveform.

You can read more in this tutorial.

I am unable to re-create what you are sharing.

D'Ana Dockery

Hi Leslie,

I was trying to silence some background noises - so there was sound selected that I wanted to replace, it just wasn't as loud as when there was talking.  I've been able to do this in other sections of the audio, but periodically the "Insert Silence" box will appear instead of just silencing.

It seems to be random when it decides to do this - sometimes it's more often than others.

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