Audio effects do not play when moving back on seekbar

Sep 19, 2018


I have a slide with animations, audio narration, and audio effects. When initially playing the slide, everything plays fine including the audio effects.. However, clicking  back to a prior point on the seekbar results in the audio effects not playing (even though the audio narration still does).

Replaying the slide, or the layer, allows the effects to play again.

I've attached a project file so you can see the issue.

Any help is appreciated.


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Katie Riggio

Hi, Mike. Ah, that’s no good ..I'd love to dig into this issue!

First, I published your project to Web on Storyline 360 (3.20.16814.0). Here's the HTML5 output and the Flash one.

Then, I tested both outputs on the latest version of Chrome. Here's what I'm seeing and hearing with the HTML5 version and the Flash one. I'm able to hear the narration as well as the sound effects when clicking back on the seekbar. Since I'm unable to reproduce what you're experiencing, I'll need your help.

Could you test my two links and let me know if you come across any trouble? Also, mind sharing what browser(s) you're using and where you're hosting the course? Looking forward to helping!

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