Audio Encoding Not Triggered After Replacing Audio

I have a contractor who replaced the audio files in a number of SL2 files for me using an undisclosed method (I don't believe it was by hand). 

When I bring the SL2 files back to my computer where I previously stored this lesson and either preview slides or package the course, I still hear the old audio files. However if you preview the audio itself by clicking on the audio icon in the editing window or in the timeline, then you hear the new audio, and then the next time you preview slides or package you see the "Encoding " message and get the new audio in the output.

However if I bring the file to a brand new SL computer, I hear the new audio.

It seems that somehow that replacing the audio did not trigger SL to re-encode the audio on my computer until I opened it up again. The contractor thinks something it cached on my computer within SL itself. (Remember - this is about hearing it in Storyline itself and packaging the wrong files, not playing the packaged course in a browser.)

What causes SL to re-encode audio, and where could these cached components be?


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