Audio File Size

Hello Heroes!  I am new to Storyline and I am working on my first project.  After inserting audio files into my Storyline Project, the program gets sluggish and is slow to respond.  Are my audio files too big? I am importing them as MP3 and some are over 900 KB.  How big should audio files be and do you condense them before importing them into the project?  If you do, what program do you use to condense the file size? 

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Joanna Kurpiewska

Hi Heather,

you can cheat Storyline with the sound/video files.

Insert any short (couple of kB, so not heavy )mp3 file. Publish the Storyline project. Go to the story_content folder, find the name of the published mp3, copy it and name the right mp3 file you originally wanted to have in Storyline, then replace the 'fake' mp3 in content_folder with the right one and that's it.

You avoid this way slowly working Storyline.

I hope I explained it clearly, if not just give me a shout.