Audio file wont restart when clicking Reset button

Hi, i'm having a weird problem with my reset button. Let say i have a "Pick one" Question with narration. If i click the Reset Button, Narration gets repeated and everything is ok. BUT if i go to the next screen and then come back to that "Pick one" then click reset : the seek bar goes on but nothing play.

Whether or not my slide property are on "Reset to initial State" , "Resume saved state" or "automatically decide". This doesn't happen on the drop down activite nor the Mix and Match. And if you click in the seek-bar while that bug occur the Audio start playing again.

Note that this bug only started to occur since the Last storyline update. 

A fix for this would be appreciated.

Thank you


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Nyko Gagne

There you go. If you preview it and got to the first question, answer it, come back to it and click the reset button,  you'll see what i'm talking about.

The sample is french unfortunately. As you probably guessed, English isn't my native language.

Thank you very much for your time.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nyko,

First off, your English seems great - so no worries there.

I took a look at your slide, and the audio plays on a revisit, but I see what you're describing where clicking the rewind button doesn't start it again. To fix this, I've adjusted the start of the audio by a quarter of a second after the timeline starts. That will replay the audio when the slide is revisited and when you use the rewind button. I've attached your file here again with this change on the third slide.