Audio files and Layers

Is it possible for a slide with layers to have an audio file on each layer?  I am building a slide where a layer appears upon hovering over an object and I'd like the layer to have it's own audio.  I was able to add the audio file but seems not be playing. I can only get the main slide audio to play.  Do I have to revise my approach and make a new slide appear on click?  Or am I missing something?


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Liz Levine

I have a slide that has many layers.  It's a screenshot where I'm reviewing the anatomy of the screen with users.

There are about 4 layers that are for tooltips.  When the user hovers over the icon, the tooltip appears.  These layers have no audio.

There are 4 more layers that do have audio, however.  I created a rectangle over the column header and create 2 states for the rectangle.  When the user click on the rectangle it goes to the layer explaining that parameter and the audio plays.  Everything is working fine except for 1 thing and I'm going to write a post on this asking for help. 

The properties of the layer  (screen shot attached) allow the user to revisit the layer.  When I test this, I can replay the layer, but the audio does not play.  I can't figure out what's going on.

So, I've got 1/2 of it to work.  If you'd like me to share more details with you, I'm happy to do so.


Nancy Woinoski

@ Kathleen, you should not have to do anything special to get the audio to play on the layer. The only problem I can see with using a hover is that the audio will only play while you hover the mouse over the object. As soon as you move the mouse off it will stop playing.

@Liz can you attach your .story file?

Jonathan Bacon

I'm having a similar problem, one slide, multiple layers and I want a series of imported audio files  (correct answer, wrong answer) to play each time the user encounters a correct layer (such as Question 1 Correct) or incorrect layer (Game Over). I can get the sounds to play the FIRST time but not subsequently. I've attached the Storyline (ver. 1) file. Note that the audio files do play (both in Preview and Publish) the first time...just not after that. I want students to keep playing the game until they get all the answers correct, which is why after an incorrect answer they loop to the Question 1 layer.

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!