Audio Files Needed for Accessibility Play over each other

Hi, I've been struggling with this issue for two days now, and none of our eLearning developers have found a fix either. I'm developing compliance training in which the learner views the slide. Each slide has a link to a policy that must be read before the learner can advance to the next slide. 

If the learner clicks the "next" button, a warning bubble displays with the message "You must read the policy before continuing to the next slide." Everything worked fine...until I added audio.

In order to meet accessibility compliance standards, all of our training is required to have audio. The way I intend the course to work is this:

Learner listens to/watches slide.

If learner gets impatient and hits the 'Next' button, the audio on the slide stops playing, the warning bubble displays AND the warning audio plays.

Once the warning audio ends, I want the user to be able to continue with the course and for the original audio to start playing where it left off. And all of this needs to be accomplished where a learner using only a keyboard and screen reader can navigate, which pretty much eliminates hot spots.

I thought using layers might work. I tried it, But I can't get the audio on the base slide to play again. Perhaps I just didn't use the layer properly.

I've tried using variables attached to the actual warning bubble, timeline, nothing works. The closest I've gotten is I can get the base slide audio to stop playing while the warning audio plays. That part works. But I can't get the base layer audio to play again.

Any help is greatly appreciated! I'm supposed to have this training completed by July 29 so I'm running out of time. Thank you everyone!

File is attached.

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Brian Allen

Hello Kelly,

There are several different ways you can approach this, but in this case I personally found it easier to use a slide layer for your warning audio.

I took your text bubble, added a "woops" audio file and a continue button and added it all to a slide layer.

When the user clicks/swipes Next, if your variable reads false it triggers the slide layer, playing the audio. The real trick here is setting your slide layer properties to pause the timeline of the base layer while the slide layer is active. This eliminates several triggers you'd have to add to accomplish the same thing.

Once the user clicks the continue button the slide layer hides, automatically resuming the base layer and audio track.

Let me know if you'd like to talk through this a bit more...