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Scott Day


Thanks for the response. I was under the impression that HTML5 was in fact supported in Firefox, I mean everything BUT the audio is doing just fine. It only seems to be the older versions not supporting the .mp3 codec that is the problem. What I was wanting to figure out is if I can output something other than .mp3 from Storyline.

Beren Baumgartner

Dear Scott,

can you please post or hint at the "extension" you wrote in your forum post about?

Thank you very much :)

I guess it's a hack/change inside the storyline template files, to fix the audio playback and use a different format that works on all plattforms (chrome, ff, mobile safari..)

We ran into the same or a similar problem. We're trying to work around the issue from within storyline 2, but this is a lot of authoring work. (Basically we try to pause a layer or audio before it ends, so it won't be unloaded, but this is a bit messy)