Audio for Quiz Review

I have audio narration where the learner listens to the quiz questions and answers. Initially, I was having difficulty not having the audio playback when the user "reviews" the quiz. With support, I have figured out how to create a trigger on the "quiz review" button and set a true/false question to not get the audio to play when the user clicks "review quiz".

My problem now is I cannot get the audio to play the first time the learner takes the quiz. How do I get the slide to play the audio the first time and a trigger set for quiz review to not play sound?

I have attached my pre-test.

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Laura Franken

Bless your heart!! Yes, this is what I wanted! Thank you! I am sure I will be contacting you with the exact question for the post-test, once my research mentor creates the voiceover. Do you mind telling me what you changed? So you changed the variable on the quiz review trigger to say false rather than true? Did you change anything else?

Thank you!!


Laura Franken

Wendy's feedback worked great! I just copied my lesson into the quiz file that was created. Now, I have one more question. . . sorry! Once the learner goes back and reviews the quiz I would like for the "quiz review" slide to be skipped that time and go to the next slide. Is there a way to advance to the next slide (after the quiz review slide) after the first time the learner gets to that page?




Emily Ruby

Hello Laura!

Is it the results slide that has the Quiz Review button that you would like to skip?

You could set something up with a true/false variable on the results slide, and on the quiz review button to change a variable to  True when clicking that button, then upon timeline start on the results slide set a trigger to jump to next slide on condition that the variable is True.

Attached is a quick example. I used ReviewQuiz for the variable.