Audio from screen capture only plays in Edit Video pane.

I did a screen recording of a youtube video, but had the audio set to my headset mic. Recorded and played fine on the slide. Then I decide to crop and edit the video to make it smaller and shorter. Now the audio doesn't play  when I click the timeline play button, nor when I play the Preview button. But if I select the video and click the Edit Video button, and click play in the edit video pane, I hear the audio.


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Gerry Wasiluk


All I'm getting is a hum for the audio.  Wonder if something has been permanently changed?

Question--why were you trying to capture the YouTube video that way?  There are better tools for doing that than using Storyline, IMVHO.

I was actually doing that this week for a client.  They have some videos one of their people placed on YouTube that I need for a course I'm doing in Storyline.  They can't find the originals for me, so I was using a tool to extract their videos from YouTube.

(Of course, I had permission to do that.  If they didn't own the video, I would have asked the creator for permission).


Did you notice that the audio is there when you go to the Edit Video pane?

I wouldn't normally do a screen capture of a video. I was simply trying out the screen recorder in Storyline. Typically I would get source files, or I would do screen captures of a process (e.g. teaching how to use a software app). So maybe there is just something in the screen recording of video that can be problematic. I'm going to try more realistic options, inserting some flv's or other formats and use the screen recorder just for recording non-video stuff, and see if  run into problems.

thanks for your timely responses. Very impressive. I'm testing what converts to html5, and comparing it to Captivate 6.