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I have a slide which has base layer containing buttons on the left hand side. Clicking a button causes a layer to appear but does not hide the buttons, i.e. the user can click buttons in any order and as fast as they like.

I have recorded audio on the base layer and also on each of the other layers. The problem is that the if the user clicks a button, the layer appears, the audio for that layer starts, but the audio for the base, if the timeline has not completed by the time the user clicks the button, continues. And of course, if the user user rapidly clicks several buttons, the effect is interesting. 

I've searched the triggers looking for a way of stopping the audio if a button is clicked but I have not been able to solve the problem. I probably need to rethink how I am doing this. Does anyone have a solution to this challenge?



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Steve Orr

Hi Walt

I’m sure you are not surprised that your suggestion works. There’s an
element that surprises me, however.

Each of 3 buttons are on the base layer, arranged vertically on the left.

Each layer shows a panel to the right of the buttons.

I put a trigger on each of the buttons to stop the audio on the base layer,
so whichever button is pressed, the base audio stops and the audio for the
associated layer starts. No surprise there.

What I cannot work out however is that once the audio on the base has been
stopped and the ‘layer audio’ starts, clicking any other button stops the
audio that had been playing on the layer and starts the audio on the new
layer. And whichever button I press from then on, I get the same (desired)
effect. But I cannot see why that is working. I thought I would have to
explicitly stop each layer’s audio with an additional trigger, but the only
audio my triggers refers to is the one on the base.

There’s a lot to learn.

Thanks again


Christie Pollick

Hi, Steve -- I see that Walt has offer some really great suggestions to assist you here! If you find that you are still in need of additional assistance and would like to share your file, you may do so by using the grey ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left of the reply box and you can upload from there!