Audio in Storyline 2 on an iPad

So, I remember when I used to use Storyline 1 and I had to make my first course to be viewed on an iPad.   On each slide, I had multiple audio files, each taking up their own layer.  It worked fine in the Flash output, but audio didn't work at all when viewing the HTML5 output on an iPad.

Since then, I've been combining audio files so that each slide only has one audio file.

I recently did a test doing the same thing with Storyline 2.  I put multiple audio files onto one slide and published.  Low and behold, it seems to be working fine now on an iPad.  

Has anyone else noticed this?  Was this something that was purposely fixed?  Has anyone had any issues with doing this that I may not be aware of?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bob,

Storyline 2 included a number of updates and changes to how things were handled in HTML5 - so it's entirely possibly that what you were dealing with before is fixed. Did you have a case started with our Support team or a forum thread where you previously reached out for the SL1 issue? I'd be happy to take a look at that and determine if what you mentioned previously is resolved now in Storyline 2.