Audio in Storyline not working when used on Kindle Fire HD

Feb 25, 2014

Using Storyline, when I publish for the web with HTML5 output included and try to view on a Kindle Fire HD, I can get  general functionality, however, there is no sound.  I am using the Silk browser in the Kindle Fire. I have the latest version of Storyline downloaded and just created a new, small (3 slide) Storyline example to see if I could get it to work.  No luck.

I have tried it both placing all the files directly on the web without a .zip file and also using the Insert or Embed Articulate Content into Wordpress using a .zip file. It does not seem to make a difference. The audio just will not play on the Kindle Fire HD-Silk browser.

Now, it works find on a PC, iPad and such. I can also get the sound on a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini (just the resizing doesn't work and the functionality is a little wacky, but that is another story-pardon the pun), it is just the audio will not work on the Kindle Fire.

(Along with HTML5 output, I also have "Use Articulate Mobile Player on iPad" and "Allow downloading for offline viewing" checked as well... but I cannot imagine that is interfering in some... could it?)

Thoughts on why it might not be working?

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