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Sam Carter

Individual layers avoids the do-not-play audio trigger but the additional layers are another problem. There are about 25 different audio tracks and the logic to choose which track to play involves about six variables.

At first glance, having all the tracks on one transparent layer where all the logic can be seen in the trigger panel is a win. Here's why:

There are five "goal slides" in the course where congratulatory and/or rank promotions are announced. A single master feedback layer that could hold all the audio and trigger logic. The benefit of this approach is one feedback slide is easier for revisions and maintenance.

It is kind of a shame that the layer has to begin with 25 triggers to NOT play each audio before the logic to play a specific audio follows. Seems like there should be a less cumbersome property, such as a state like "hidden" or "disabled" for an audio.

Looking ahead, it would also be handy to have a trigger that fires when a triggered audio completes. Since there isn't such a trigger, this speaks in favor of having a single audio on each layer. Then there are 25 layers that need to be added to each of the five congratulatory end points of the course. This suggests the Feedback Master isn't the way to go. It may be possible do do this with a Slide Master.

This is a twisty pretzel in SL 360. Pros and Cons on either side, neither a clear win.

I'll give a try with a Slide Master that has 25 layers. Trick is, it needs to be a quiz question. I suppose this isn't a problem but it may be as the triggered layer of the 25 layers isn't to fire until the submit button is clicked. More twisty pretzel.

Sam Carter
Phil Mayor

You can set a when media completes trigger onto audio.

I think you can have a single feedback layer but keep the audio on separate layer (that would be my preference). I think there would still be less triggers.


I'll try this.  It'll take a while to get it done. I'll let you know how it goes.