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Sam Carter

Leslie Adams said:

I'm using the latest release, but I tried clearing the cache in Safari and that did the trick. Thanks!


Well, that's two of us that have independently run into this problem.

Articulate mentors... is this a Storyline bug?  Shouldn't newer audio files overwrite what is on the cache without having to clear cache manually?

I think so!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brooke,

As you mentioned this discussion is a bit older, but could you share a bit more information about your environment for producing and testing the courses? What version/update of Storyline are you using? What iOS are you testing on within the iPad? Is it the HTML5 version in mobile Safari or within the mobile player? Also are you hosting on a web server or LMS? When I remember folks mentioning it before a simple refresh/reload of the page within Safari seemed to resolve the odd audio behavior.

If you'd like us to take a look at your .story file we're more than happy to do so. You can attach it here using the "add attachment" button or send it along to our Support Engineers here. 

Cynthia Paré

Hi Daniel! 

I was wondering if you heard back from the support team regarding this issue?

We are facing a similiar issue on the iPad right now... and yes refreshing the page is "solving" the problem... but it is not fixing it.

So I was just curious if there was any progress on that side.

Thank you!

Frances Jones

Hi all, I use MP3s and now get this all the time on the first play.  The beginning audio or music is distorted when playing on ipad (ios10.3.3).  A refresh brings it good, but it's not a great experience for users.   I am also having lots of problems getting anything to work on mobile, not sure if that is just me.

Frances Jones

Thanks Daniel, I have raised a case, as my main issue is my projects not working on mobile, they all error at different points through the activity, so the user is unable to complete the activity. Support have informed me that it is the background music on my projects causing the issue, which I think could be related to the distorted audio on the first slide, on first play.  I am going to test removing my background music to see if this is the fix for me. I am hoping that Articulate will fix this issue soon.