Audio is not importing from original PowerPoint

Hi all!

I am attempting to import a PowerPoint file onto Storyline 2 that has audio. Everything else imports just fine but audio is simply not to be found. I created a whole new PowerPoint with a couple of pictures and 1 audio file connected to it just to see if that file was somehow corrupted, and the same thing happened again where there was no audio to be find once imported to Storyline 2,

Any thoughts?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Matthew, 

Sorry to hear you ran into this issue. What Storyline update are you on? 

Also, are your audio files M4A? If so, you may find that importing a PowerPoint presentation with M4A audio files into Articulate Storyline, the audio files don't get imported.

This is a known issue. Storyline supports M4A files, but they're not currently importing from PowerPoint. You can work around this behavior by importing the M4A audio files into Storyline after importing your PowerPoint presentation.

You can read more about the steps to resolve this here and our team is continuing to investigate the issue as well for a permanent fix.