Audio issue, it stops working on Articulate STORYLINE!

Controlling the courses on the platform, in some slides at a certain point audio stops working, for example at the first or second min, indeed it should work 4 minutes. Moreover audio stops but the seekbar continues to go on.I've seen there could be problems with slides which longs more that 8:53, but our slides longs just more or less 4 minutes! (this issue happens with 15 seconds slides too).


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Diana -- Welcome to the community!

So sorry to hear of the issues you are experiencing, but there are a few things we can try to rule out the cause of some common problems. First, when you mention controlling the course on the platform, is that to say that you are publishing for LMS, and testing within your intended environment? And if you are publishing for LMS, have you had the opportunity to test if you see the same behavior when testing in the SCORM Cloud?

Bob Mongiovi

I've seen the same issue.  And if I slightly move the scrub bar, the audio magically reappears.  But if I play the slide again, it stops in the same place.  Republishing usually fixes it for me.  But, when I've seen it happen, I've gone into the "story_content" folder, find the mp3 with the issue, and i can usually hear some kind of artifact in the audio where the audio stops.  I just usually just replace the mp3 in that folder, retest and it works fine.

I wish Storyline would let you just republish certain slides instead of having to republish the whole thing every time you make one small change on one slide.  There are definitely publishing quirks that randomly happen when republishing, but not all the time.  For that one small change I make, I have to go through the whole course again to see if anything random happened.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Bob -- So sorry to hear of the difficulties you were experiencing, and thank you for sharing the workaround you discovered to address your issue. You may want to review this information on Unexpected or Erratic Behavior in SL2 to see if the suggested ideas show improvement.

Also, if you would like to share your thoughts on republishing/reviewing your entire project when any changes are applied, please feel free to use this form to provide your insights to our Product Development team. 

Carl Boyd

I have a FIX! 

Was having the same problem - audio would cut out on the first slide about 2 seconds in, no matter which slide I made the first. Clicking in the scrub bar would restore it, but it was still unacceptable behavior. 

I finally figured out it was the HTML5 w/ Flash fallback publishing setting. When I set it to Flash w/ HTML5 fallback, it plays fine.

Considering Flash is a dying format, it would be good for Articulate to get this resolved soon.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Carl,

Sorry that you ran into a similar issue to what has been reported here.

This thread is quite dated, so I'm curious as to what version of Storyline you are using and how your were publishing/viewing the output.

I appreciate you sharing the solution that worked for you as well. That could certainly help someone that runs across this thread in the future.