Audio Issues

Dec 12, 2019


Anyone know what is going on with the latest update and the audio impact? Sometimes the editor will open and the file won't be found and then SL just stalls out - can't close the editor pop up and I have to force shut down on SL. Then if I can get the audio editor to reflect the file already saved in the slide, when I edit the audio it is not saving in the file. If I edit it and it seems to save, when I update the closed captions it hasn't updated the audio there. When I try to preview the file it may or may not reflect the updates despite the changes in the audio editor and/or captions... It has been really time consuming! Anyone else having these issues? Know of any fixes? 


I have tried restarting the program. Saving the audio file and then the entire course file after every update. I have tried restarting my entire computer. I am running low on ideas to fix it. 

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Jay!

It sounds like you've checked off a number of troubleshooting steps! From here, can you check if this is occurring in multiple courses or specifically this one?

Also, I'd check to see if there is a corrupted element in the course that is causing other items to go haywire! To start, can you open up a new project and add the same audio. Are you able to make changes using the audio editor successfully? 

If the audio is working, then it possible there is another element in the course causing a disturbance! I'm happy to see if I can sort things out. 

It would be helpful to see where the culprit is! You can share your file with us by using the "add attachment" button in this discussion.

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