Audio issues in Story 2 converted to 360 SCORM files


I'm having an issue with the audio in Story 2 converted to Story 360 files.

If I open a Storyline 2 file with 360, publish it as a SCORM 1.2 and upload it to my Totara LMS, when I launch the course the audio is muted. Then, if I click on the seekbar, the audio in the slide starts to play and plays correctly from then on. The SCORM file produced previously with Story 2 worked correctly.

I tested this behavior with 2 different courses and had the same result.

If instead I publish for web and launch the course, the audio plays correctly. I tried to produce a test course directly with 360 and the audio played correctly too, once uploaded to the LMS, so it seems the issue happens only with converted files uploaded as SCORM to the LMS.

Any suggestion on how to solve this?

Thank you very much.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Andrea,

Thanks for sharing that info - have you tested those converted courses outside of your LMS as well? I'd be curious to know if the mute also carried through while on another LMS? You could test on SCORM Cloud to see if it behaves differently there.

If it works there, I'd reach out to your Totara team to see if they had other ideas! 

Andrea Gola

Hi Ashley, sorry, didn't get an alert about your reply.

Apparently what fixes this issue is moving the audio in the timeline 1 or 2 frames on the right, so that the audio file doesn't start exactly at the beginning of the timeline.

I don't know why, but it works.

Thanks for your reply, I'll treasure the Scorm Cloud link to test future issues!

Ashley Terwilliger

No apologies necessary Andrea, we're still always here. 😀 

I've heard a few other users set up their slides in a similar fashion to start audio at around .25 seconds into the slide - giving it a little bit of time to load and catch up with what is happening on screen. Glad that'll work for you too. 

Testing in SCORM Cloud is always a good option! You may also want to bookmark the link here if you need to upload to Tempshare which is a good temporary option for testing web published content.