Audio Issues using a condenser shotgun mic

Apr 24, 2014

Recently, we were working on a video project which was inserted into Adobe Storyline.  The audio was recorded using a VidPro XM-55 condenser shotgun microphone which was plugged directly into the video camera.  The resulting audio sounded great on the final video.  However, when we imported the video into Storyline, the audio was completely distorted.  We had to go to our backup video which we had recorded using a lavier mic. 

I am attempting another embedded video project, and would love to use my shotgun mic to record the audio.  However, I didn't want to run into the same issues as before, so I've been trying to test out the shotgun mic.

Test #1 - Recorded audio using Adobe Audition, then imported into Storyline.  Result -- distorted audio.

Test #2 - Recorded audio directly into Adobe Storyline.  Result -- distorted audio.

Does anyone have any experience with this, or know how I can resolve the issue?


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Carol and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

It may be due to the settings for the WAV file itself. The file does play outside of Storyline and sounds a bit garbled and quiet after inserting. 

This may help:

You may encounter the following error message when importing audio into Articulate content:

“Unsupported audio file or bitrate.”

Or, you may be able to successfully import audio, but you may hear noise or feedback when previewing or publishing.

Although Articulate Storyline and Articulate Studio '13 support a wide range of audio file formats (AAC, AIF, AIFF, M4A, MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA), not all codecs and bitrates are supported. If you encounter either of the issues described above, we recommend converting your audio files to 16 bit 44 KHZ PCM WAV for best results.

Carol  Kim

Thanks for the suggestion, Christine!  It didn't quite work when I converted it to 16 bit 44KHZ PCM WAV.  It still had the same garbled sound.  But your suggestion inspired me to play around with the settings and I found a workaround.  I had to Extract the Channels to Mono, and then resave one of the files as stereo file.  It then played correctly in Storyline. 

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