Audio Issues when using iPad


One issue that I've run into when creating courses is that the audio will work on slides just fine until I navigate to the next slide before the previous one has completed. Once this happens, the audio works on no slides

I only seem to get this problem on an iPad regardless of whether I use chrome or Safari

If you have any suggestions that would be great

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Lauren Connelly

Hi James!

The best place to start is to take a look at the course! This will give me a better visual of what would be interrupting the audio.

You can share the .story file by using the "Add Attachment" button in this discussion, or you can share it privately by using this link.

Either way, I'll take a look and share my findings. 

Lauren Connelly

Hi James!

Thanks for attaching the file! I've tested the audio in multiple environments using Safari and Chrome in iOS 13. Unfortunately, we have seen issues with viewing courses using iOS 13 and have a current bug report for the issue.

Oddly enough, the first slide plays the audio but the rest don't. Was the audio recorded differently in Slide 1 than other slides?

James Long

Thanks for taking a look, I'm pretty sure the audio was recorded and imported in the same way for Slide 1 as it was the others so I'm not too sure.

I have seen some reports of people having issues when autoplaying due to Safari and Chrome's updates but I'm not sure if it's related due to the user having to interact with the slide

If you find anything else please keep me posted :)



Vincent Scoma

Hi James,

I reviewed the file as well on an iPhone 7 running iOS 13.3 and uploaded it to the testing environment LMS, SCORM cloud. When I first ran through the course in Safari, the audio only played on the first slide as well. However, when I opened the course in Chrome, the audio played just fine. 

I then re-opened the course in Safari but flipped the ring/silent switch to off, and the course audio played as intended. I am attaching a video of what that looked like for me on that run-through.

As Lauren mentioned, we have seen some issues with viewing course using iOS 13 with previous versions of Storyline 360. May I ask which version of Storyline 360  you are currently running? Our team revisited this issue and found that with the most recent update, Update 36, the audio issue in Safari was resolved.