Audio & Layers

Hi Everyone,

On one of the slides in my course, I have 5 layers... and each layer has an audio. I have created each layer so the audio stops when a button is clicked. But I want the audio file to restart when the user revisits that particular section... instead it is pausing & picking up from where it left off. I have set the layers to 'reset to initial state on revisit' and added triggers but nothing it seeming to help.

The slide is number 1.15 titled 'Premier Contracting Cycle'.... does anyone have suggestions?


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Joe Dey

Hi Maggie. On that slide your triggers are in the wrong order.  Move the stop media trigger above the show layer trigger on each slide and it will be fine. Also, as an aside I did find the quiz questions a little annoying in so far as they kept me trapped on the slide until I got the right answer.  I found myself guessing (incorrectly) for ages.  Perhaps you might place a tip or restrict the number of attempts.