Audio missing in Output

Hi, I experience a strange behaviour with audios in Storyline. I often change audio files also in large numbers in a course and it occures that some audios are playing in the preview but as soon as I export the course, some audios are missing. My problem is, I never could reproduce this issue. It looks like it happens randomly with differnet files. Has anyone else similar experiences? Maybe we can find toghether what the problem is.

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Sam Hill

Yes, I have experienced this before. I had forgotten about the issue as I had not worked with a lot of audio recently.

What I found was that the audio file was actually in the published output, but didn't have the correct file extension (*.mp3 I think) and therefore was generating a 404. I checked the browser console, to see the file name it was looking for, found in the folder and added the file extension it was looking for.

I don't know if my experience will be the same as yours, but it appeared to be a problem with the publish not finishing all of its tasks when it came to media files.

It was random too like you say. It would vary which file it was.

margit g

Interesting, looks like there are different variations of the audio bug. We don't have missing extensions but we found "broken" audio files in the output. There are mp3 files with a name like 5lLTiigs75_2250_56_0.mp3. Those special files have just 1kb and therfore are empty. All other end with _1.mp3 and have normal file size. So it looks like that this are the missing audios. 

Also all other audios have title and interpret metadata but not the 1kb files. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Margit and Sam,

Thank you for sharing a couple of the audio issues you've run into. Neither of these scenarios sound familiar and I'm not seeing any similar reports, but please share a file if you run into it again and we'll be on the lookout for any others that pop in with similar issues as well.

One thing comes to mind and that's to be sure that you are working with your software, files, and any assets (like audio files) while on your local drive, which is typically your C: Drive and be mindful of the file name path length.

Debra Joiner

I'm having this issue, as well. I am publishing to my local drive and there are a lot of 1kb mp3 files that cannot be played.

Edit - I take that back. I wasn't publishing locally, but I thought I was. I published the course in question to my C drive and the audio published correctly.

margit g

We did a lot of testing for this bug. So far it looks like it has to do something with the computers we use as on some computers it work while on others we have the bug. 

The only thing so far that fixes the bug is save your file reopen it and publish it again. And then check if there are still broken audios. 

It is a frustrating issue because we don't know why this happens. I also worked with the Articulate support team on this but with no result.

Hoping that a future update will fix it "accidentially" :)