Audio mixing issue

Hi everyone!

I have some trouble whit Articulate Storyline 3 and 360. We have some courses that we translated to another language. I will try to explain this by way of example: I have source file Pokus.story in English, then translate it to Spanish and French. I need to keep the file name same as source. When I publish Spanish, is OK. But then, when publish French, in final pack is Spanish audio. Is there any solution for this issue?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Loren. To make sure I understand, when you save the translated version, you are using the same file name as the English version. Is that correct?

Is it possible for you to make a small modification to each version, e.g. Pokus_S.story (Spanish), Pokus_F.story (French), etc.? Using the same file name will continue to overwrite the same file rather than creating a different version in each language.

Loren Hey

Unfortunately yes, because the name you have in publish Title window is the name which displays in player in the final version. I and my colleague have found a way to solve it: Publish course in the correct name. Then export another publish whit different name and audio bitrate...Then you find the mp3 files in the media folder, rename it the same as they are in first publish. The last step is taken correct audio and overwrite it in the first publish media folder. This is really time-consuming and we have more courses to translate than Storyline has possibility audio bitrate. There must be some another way ...isn't it?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Loren,

In that case, you can use the same course title for all courses and change the file name of the published output when you Zip the file. Here's how:

  • Click Publish from the Home tab. 
  • Ensure the course title is in the Title field.
  • Click the blue Publish button.
  • When the Publish Successful window appears, click Zip
  • Choose the location to save the zipped file, and change the file name as I've shown in the screenshot below. 
  • Upload the zipped output to your LMS.

Give it a try, and let me know if this works for you!

Katie Riggio

Hello, Loren. Appreciate you giving each of those troubleshooting steps a go!

Because you already went through a few solutions, this is an excellent opportunity for our Support team to lend a hand! I've opened a case with them so we can continue to dig deeper and explore new approaches. 

Look out for an email from the team, and I'll also follow along to keep this discussion updated with any new information!