Audio not loading to timeline, also timeline extends to the 1000s

I'm having trouble with some audio files and timeline issues that seem to be related.

As usual, I insert an m4a audio file into a slide in Storyline 360, but when it appears on the timeline for the slide, the audio doesn't become a part of the timeline, I get stuck on the message of "Loading audio". As far as I know, the audio file isn't corrupted, as all the other audio files I've inserted into the same slide and other slides are fine. I've tried inserting the m4a audio file from both my hard drive and OneDrive to see which one was causing trouble, but I still get the issue no matter where the audio file was saved.

Also, when I insert the audio file in the slide and as it sits there saying "Loading audio", the slide timeline extends past 19,000 seconds.

I've attached photos of what I'm seeing. I hope someone has the answer to this!

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