Audio not playing after leaving slide

 I have a presentation with audio on several slides. There is an option for them to click a button which opens a new web browser tab to see an example of what is being described in the audio. I have set up a trigger to pause the media when they click on that button and leave the course screen. However, when they return I would like to have the option for them to start the media back up again. What occurs is that according to the seek bar the audio is playing again when they return to that slide, but you can't hear it. Any idea what might be happening there

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Whitney Lowe

Hi Leslie:

Thanks again for taking a look at this. It is actually doing the same thing. You click on the link, it opens a new browser window with the additional resource to view. When you return to the original browser tab the seek bar is continuing to move as if the slide is playing, but there is no audio. I can't see what was changed. Can you let me know what you did that was different?


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Whitney!

If you take a look at the file that I attached, you can see that I changed the order of your triggers and paused the timeline when the user clicked instead of saying pause media as you did. Since the audio is on the timeline, this gives the user the control you are looking for.

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