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Ali Goulet

Hi Melissa,

Sorry you're seeing this! Just to verify, is the slide you're referring to 2.6 Risk Behavior: Exercise? If so, I was not able to reproduce what you're describing when I published your course for LMS and uploaded it to SCORM Cloud to test it in an LMS environment. Take a look at your course here and let me know if you still experience that. I changed the navigation to Free for testing purposes so you can skip right to the afflicted slide in the menu. 

Where are you viewing the published output when you're seeing this issue? If you're viewing it locally, you'll encounter security restrictions from the computer, web browser, Flash Player, and network that'll cause various features of your content to fail. To properly test your published content and share it with others, upload it to the environment for which it was published

If you're seeing this happen once it's uploaded to your LMS itself, I would recommend checking out this article on troubleshooting your LMS using SCORM Cloud. If it happens in your LMS but not in SCORM Cloud, an industry standard, I would recommend reaching out to your LMS.

Keep me posted! :)

Ali Goulet

Hi Melissa- Thanks for the additional details here! I took a look at the link you provided and I'm still not experiencing what you're describing on Slide 2.6 Risk Behavior: Exercise in the Common Injuries section when I viewed it in Chrome. The audio plays all the way through as expected for me. What browser are you seeing this in? If you uploaded a previous version before that one, you may want to try clearing your browser cache and taking a look at the new version again to see if you're still experiencing this.

Ali Goulet

Hi Melissa! My apologies- when I was viewing your link in Google Chrome on a Mac I was not seeing any issue with the audio. However, when I switched to a Windows machine and viewed in Chrome I was able to see what you're describing. I'm going to continue doing some testing but I just wanted to verify the LMS settings you're using when publishing. Thanks! 

Ali Goulet

Hi again Melissa!

I consulted some of my colleagues and we discovered that when listening to the audio in the published output you provided, there were some irregularities which may be causing playback problems. This suggests that the mp3 may not have published properly.

Since you mentioned you saw this issue after publishing multiple times, I'd like to ask a few more questions to help determine why this may have happened and to prevent it from happening further. Are you currently running the latest update for Storyline 2, update 10? Are you working locally as described in this article? If the answer to both of those is yes, try publishing a new version right to your desktop to avoid any issues with overwriting existing files. Keep me posted on how that goes! 

I republished your .story file without making any changes using the LMS settings in the screenshot below. Take a look at your course here and let me know if the issue is resolved on that slide, as it appears to be on my end. I've also attached the published output here. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anne,

It doesn't appear that this was an issue of LMS settings, but the way the MP3 was being published incorrectly and installing the latest update and working/publishing locally resolved it.

If you've run into any trouble, can you share a bit more detail? This discussion is also quite a bit older, so it would help to know your version of Storyline, browsers, LMS you're using, etc. 

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