Audio not playing in review feature

Jul 09, 2018

I have published a Storyline 360 project (to Articulate 360) for Subject Matter Expert (SME) review and sent the SME group a link so they could make comments. They can't hear the audio. It's not that it's low - they can't hear audio at all - I even remoted in to one of the computers - nada. The volume was up on the computer and the player. She also muted and unmuted to see if that did anything. It didn't. I obviously recorded audio for the project and tested the link before I sent it - all worked fine. I recorded directly into the Storyline file for what it's worth. Ideas as to where the problem lies?

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Katie Riggio

Hi there. Really sorry you're running into this audio problem in Articulate Review; let's get that sorted!

Can you help me with:

  • What version of Storyline 360 are you using?  To find this detail, simply go to Help > About Storyline. The latest build is 3.17.16188.0
  • Does the audio issue happen on a particular browser or multiple ones? If it's just Chrome, we implemented support for their latest version that prevented the autoplay of media.
  • Do you experience this issue with other publishing formats as well (LMS, Web)?
  • If you can share your Articulate Review URL with me, I'd like to test it on my end. Need to keep it private? You can send it to me here.

Thanks for troubleshooting with us; looking forward to lending a hand!

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