Audio not playing when 2nd click

game: to find the pair

- green card & orange card is the correct pair.
- blue & purple card is the correct pair.

-below orange & puple cards had inserted an audio when click (i.e. orange audio: bus; purple audio: car)

when orange or purple card was click 2nd time, there is no audio (click 1st time is correct)

e.g.: scenario 1: 1st click orange, audo bus will play ,
2nd click purple, audio car supposed to play but doesn't;

1st click purple, audio bus will play,2nd click orange, audio bus not playing?!

attached is the file.

pls advise.Thanks.


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Walt Hamilton

When the Bus or Car is the second item clicked, it shows either the Correct or Incorrect layer, both of which stop the timeline on the base layer, stopping the audio.

If you correct that, Incorrect works, but Correct does not because the timeline of correct changes the state of the Bus or Car before it plays completely. Extend the timeline of Correct to 1 sec, and it will work.

Wendy to the rescue! (as usual)