Audio not publishing or working in Storyline

I uploaded my audio into each slide in Storyline but then when I go to save it, it seems to delete my audio file. The audio files are all .mp3 and typical of what I usually use. I can see the audio file in the bottom left hand corner of each slide but it's not showing up in the timeline. Can someone help me troubleshoot why this is happening? I've tried shutting my computer down and restarting Articulate a couple of times. 

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Cindi.  I'm sorry the audio is giving you trouble!  That's definitely odd behavior.  It looks like Michael reached out to you in a support case suggesting an update for Storyline 3.

Can you reply back to him and let him know how that works?  If not, I would also check out these scenarios and reply back to Michael with answers:

  • Does this happen with any .mp3 in this particular file?
  • Do the same .mp3 files behave this way in a brand new file?

Thanks for reaching out!