Audio not recording or not playing back during screen demos

Has anyone experience problems with recording a screen demo and then not being able to hear the narration when it's played back? I'm wearing a headset, and as I record the demo the bars next to the record button are flashing green like they should, but when I go back to view my recording, no audio. I can open another sound recording program and record/playback audio through that one just fine.

Any ideas?

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Peter Anderson

Hi Kerstin!

What type of screen recording are you trying to insert - video on a single slide, step-by-step? Can you confirm that you're working locally, rather than from a network or USB drive? And you'll also want to make sure that your recording device is recognizable to Windows. If you're still having trouble beyond that, we'd be happy to have you open a case so we can take a closer look into it. Thanks!

Melissa Bisogno

I am experiencing the same problem. It would record on some slides and screen recordings and not others. Now the slides that were actually playing the audio yesterday are not playing today? One slide that had audio I tested today and it worked but now I added a new recording and there is nothing zip zilch

Sheri Nelson


I am experiencing this problem in a test file that I have not saved.  I am using the record sound and save features in Storyline to save the audio to the step-by-step slides.  I do not hear the sound when I preview the scene or when I position the playhead at the beginning of the sound on the timeline, but it does playback when right-click the sound icon and choose preview.


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

HI Sheri,

If I'm understanding you correctly, I don't think the audio will work in that way. Does this sound like it explains things? It's from an older thread

... that's correct, any audio that you create as part of your screen recording will only be part of the output when you insert the recording as a video on a single slide. It won't be there if you insert the recording as a step-by-step slide (View/Try/Test).

Since step-by-step videos display just the action-related clips of the original video (subject to any fine-tuning you apply), there isn't really a way for Storyline to know which parts of your audio should match up with the individual steps, so it's not used. However, you can definitely import or record audio for each specific step.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Ah, well it sounds like you're doing it right and I misunderstood!

Not sure, since you say it plays in the audio editor.

You said you haven't saved it? Perhaps you could save it and upload it here for the community to look at.

Also, others may be able to answer this for you. Sorry I wasn't able to help :(