Audio not working consistently on layers

Feb 04, 2021

Dearest gurus,

I have an example of 3 slides that have 2 layers come up when you click on a number (click 1, both ones come up, click 2, both twos come up, etc.). You should be able to click on any of the numbers and both come up with the audio.

I want the audio to play for each number and stop when you either go back to a previous slide and return, or click on another number.

I read about how to do this in this forum using triggers, but they are only working intermittently. Sometimes when clicking on the 1 nothing happens, other times, it works but clicking on the 1 in the other colour doesn't work.

I have tried "when the variable changes" and "when the timeline starts" but nothing works consistently.

I have 3 sample slides attached where I have tried slightly different things, but nothing works consistently.

Please help!

Thank you!


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