Audio not working for HTML5 output in Chrome using Storyline 360

Hi all,

Very recently switched over to Storyline 360 and I am having issues with audio playback in Chrome. For some slides, audio does not play and I need to move the seekbar back to the start of the slide to get it to work.

Publishing the exact same project using Storyline 3 causes no issues and audio plays perfectly.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Cheers, Lloyd



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Laura Ingle

Has an update to the software been made to address this issue? I do have videos in my course, But they come up later in the course. But no audio whatsoever plays in the course, even from the first page. It works fine locally but not from a server. This is totally unacceptable. It was working fine a couple of weeks ago. What's happened, has Articulate fixed the problem? We pay a LOT of money for this software and should not be having these issues. Nor should we just be told about a "workaround."  Something like audio playback is standard and should be working properly. It's not just my computer, but others. It's not an isolated event. This is a bug that should be fixed immediately. I't not just a "nice to have" it's a critical standard functionality.

It happens when I view in 360 Review, and when I play from another server. I hope Articulate gets on the ball and get's this fixed.

Laura Ingle

Thanks Leslie, I hope this get's sorted out soon. I tested this out with a colleague yesterday, and she had just recently installed 360 - on evening of April 18th. A brand new install, and she is not experiencing the same issue. That said, I wonder if her install was after some fixes recently added. I updated my software (360) but to no avail. So, I'm wondering if a clean uninstall and reinstall of the program would resolve. Do you know of any Articulate fixes over the past couple of days? Interestingly, she had not updated her Chrome, and never saw the issue, even on my files that I knew weren't playing audio. They worked for her. But, when she updated Chrome, she started experiencing the issue, but only on my published files. So, I gave her my source files and she republished in her newly installed 360, they worked again. So I'm thinking her latest download of 360 is okay, but mine isn't obviously.  And when I do a simple update, it doesn't actually resolve. Therefore, I'm going to try a clean uninstall and reinstall with the latest download of the software from online and see if I get better results. Apparently a simple update doesn't fix it, but a new install does. 

Do  you know if Articulate will update a fix on the older versions? Like SL2 and 3?


Leslie McKerchie

Hello everyone,

Google changed the way media is handled in Chrome 66, so audio in your Storyline and Studio HTML5 courses might not play in Chrome 66 and later.

We're working on a solution now and will update this article with details as soon as possible.

In the meantime, ask learners to use a different browser, such as Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari.

Kenneth Minnich

Hi all. 

I ran into this issue earlier (or a similar issue) and wanted to share that updating to the latest version of SL fixed the problem. In my case, it was because the latest version of Chrome (v66) blocks any auto-playing audio from pop-ups (and most times, our courses launch from the LMS in a separate window). The latest SL patch puts a play button at the beginning of the e-learning so that the learner interacts with the content before it begins, so chrome doesn't  block it thinking it's auto-playing sound from a pop-up. 

Hope this helps! 

Kenneth Minnich

Hi Jill. Open Google chrome and click on the menu icon (thee dots on the upper right). Then go to Help, and "About Google Chrome." Are you using version 66? If so, then the problem is this:

Since it does not appear that they have a fix for SL3 just yet, I might recommend making your first slide into a "start" slide, so the user has to click through it before reaching any slides with audio. 

Gerry McAteer

I am experiencing a similar issue. I have a slide with 3 buttons on it, when clicked each will show a layer that has a text box/images and an audio file. I have found that when published as HTML5 when I click on any button for the first time, the audio plays as it should, however if I click the same button again (after selecting and playing the other two layers) the audio file starts to play about half-way into the audio track but the layer timeline starts at the beginning as it should. If I publish as 'just Flash' there is no issue and everything plays as it should. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Mary Nagy

I am a long-time Storyline user (thank you - I love the product and the support!), but am also having audio issues when publishing to my LMS.

This is my first project using Storyline 360 (fully updated, but not sure how to find version number) and am working locally.

Publishing to HTML with Flash fallback.

I never experienced this issue with Storyline 2.

  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Chrome: Audio randomly does not play. Sometimes restarting or using the scrub bar will cause audio to play. Video will not play at all.
  • IE 11: Audio randomly does not play. Sometimes restarting or using the scrub bar will cause audio to play. Video will not play at all.
  • Firefox: Takes a while to load but audio and video work just fine. Our organization only supports IE 11.
  • Only one slide has video.
  • Most slides have one audio clip.

Plays fine when published to:

LMS: Taleo Learn

I am submitting to the support team as that seems to be the general consensus and will follow up with a support number when I get one.

Megan Creegan

Hi Glenda, I'm curious to know if you had anyone else on your team test from their computer? I had the same audio/video issues in Chrome and found that it was only happening on my machine (the same machine used to develop the course). I use a Mac computer with Parallels installed and Windows 10.

I've actually been using a different (Windows machine) with Storyline 360 installed because it doesn't have the latest version of SL360 installed. No audio/video issues when I preview/publish from there.

Megan Creegan

Just be careful when publishing to flash. If the user doesn't have flash enabled, they might not be able to view the project. It might be a good idea to disable flash in your browser and test to make sure it still launches using the HTML5 backup. But then again, it sounds like your issues is with the HTML5 output so you might still have issues with audio/video.