Audio not working on some slides with specific triggers but work on other slides with same triggers

Mar 04, 2019

Hi, I've gotten helpful advice from some other threads to create variable triggers in Storyline to pause/stop audio on a slide with branched activities so that when a user returns to that slide, it doesn't play the audio again. 

The solution works with 2 of 4 slides, but the other 2 do not work. Of the 2 "problem slides", the audio does not play at all the first time you encounter that slide. I've triple-checked to make sure the triggers are input correctly. You can see the slide attached for screenshots. The first image is the first trigger, second image is the second trigger, the third image shows what I see in the slide triggers pane on the right. 

I checked that the slide properties are all the same. They are all "Resume saved state" when revisting. 

What else might I be missing? When I remove the variable triggers on the "problem slides", the audio resumes on the first encounter, but then I have the issue of the audio re-playing when I return to it. 



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Esther Kim

Hi Michael, 

Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure if I completely follow, but to further illustrate, slides # 5 and #19, I have a variable trigger called "audioplay". When I go to each of those slides for the first time, the audio plays as expected. 

Then I've got slides #6 and #14 that are in the middle of my project and not connected to the above-mentioned slides, and when I use the same variable trigger, the audio does not play at all the first time it's visited. 

I'm a little stumped because #5 and #19 work but the ones in the middle don't. 



Esther Kim

Hey Alyssa, 

Thanks! Actually, I ended up creating a different variable for each slide (e.g., audioplay1, audioplay2, audioplay3, etc.) and that seemed to resolve the problem! Not sure if that was the most straightforward way to go about it but it worked! I'll let you know if I run into problems again with that. 

Thank you!

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