Audio on Base Layer stops when layer is triggered to display

We are missing something I think. It appears that audio should play on the base layer and continue playing when other layers are triggered to display, but ours stops playing. We are using a shape on the timeline to display a new layer based on when timeline starts on the shape. We need the base audio, which is narration,  to continue playing to the end of the slide.

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L Keith

Hi All,

I have a similar issue. I created a button with a variable to show  a CC (closed caption or transcript) layer when the user clicks on the icon on the base layer (the button is on top of the icon). The audio and images on a second layer - titled "Welcome", not the base layer, stops playing when the CC button is clicked and the CC layer appears. This also happens when I click any of the buttons that I created when the "Welcome" layer is playing.

I am still learning new tricks in Storyline and this may be an easy fix. Any suggestions?