Audio on layer not replaying when triggered

Aug 19, 2016

I have a drag and drop interaction so that when a learner picks up a magnifying glass and places it over a hot spot portion of a map, it will show a layer on which there is nothing but audio.  The layer with audio is 'transparent' in that none of the properties are ticked and revisits are set to return to initial state.

The audio plays the first time but will not replay when the drag and drop interaction is repeated on the base slide.  I would like the audio to replay but it won't.  Any suggestions?

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Bud Keegan

Thanks guys-- when I get into a pickle I can always count on the Storyline community!  : )

So in terms of 'closing' a layer-- is this a trigger to hide the layer?

I have another layer with same properties (audio file only) but that is triggered by a mouseover.  I have had no issues with that one repeating when revisited-- only with the drag and drop interaction.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Bud

see attached sample - without seeing your file its a little tricky but I'm trying to build as per your instructions.

In this the layer is triggered to hide when the audio completes and I have another trigger to jump to the same slide again so that my drag item resets to initial position.  This may or may not be how your's is setup but might give you an idea.

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