Audio on layers

Jan 21, 2016

Hi Community.  I am new here and need some help.  I created a slide with audio files on every layer. I added hover buttons on the base layer.  When I hover the mouse over an image on the base layer,  the audio on the layer can play over the audio on the base layer. How do I keep that from happening?  I can't figure out how to trigger to not let two audio files play at the same time.

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Walt Hamilton

To answer the question you are asking: on each layer, tick the option to pause timeline of base layer. That will stop the media on the base from playing as long as the layer is visible, and will restart it when the mouse no longer hovers and the layer is closed.

I have to wonder if you really want to allow the user to interrupt the audio on the base layer to listen to the hover layer, and then have the base resume. In my opinion, if the audio on the base layer is of that little importance, then you waste your learner's time by including it. If it is important that they hear it, then you need to make the hovers active only after the audio finishes. Of the many ways to do that, perhaps the easiest is a large filled rectangle with its fill set to 100% transparency that covers the 4 hover graphics, and disappears when the audio ends. It must be filled to intercept the hover.

Another option is more difficult, but a much better design: Put individual shapes over the 4 hover graphics, but with a lower transparency % (experiment to find the right number). Then when they disappear, the pictures show up brighter and clearer, and invite the user to hover over them.

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