Audio on Master Slides Not Working

I'm experiencing a lot of glitchy behavior on simple Storyline projects with audio on master slides.  I have a couple mini-courses where I have placed some short music on the first slide (intro) and base content slides.  I want the music to start and then repeat itself.   My triggers on the masters are:

1 Play media X when the timeline starts

2 Play the media X when media X completes

There are no other triggers anywhere else to interfere.  The only thing I have done to the music/audio is that I have shortened it in the audio editing area.

The audio doesn't consistently play in preview mode (I have to publish it to make it work right) and then it doesn't work consistently once published.  

I think I have the triggers in the right order.  Can my internet connection be causing the issue?   Does anyone else have some troubleshooting ideas for me?

Thank you!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Jodi

you don't mention which version of SL you are using.  There is a known issue in SL360 with using the 'when media completes' trigger for audio that Articulate are working on.  It is not working in preview but it appears to be working in published output.

Which browser are you using to test the output? and have you uploaded to a webserver or LMS to test as local browser testing can also sometimes cause issues.

Update: If you're using SL360 an update was released today Feb 20 to fix the trigger when media completes issue.  Here is a link to the version history