Audio on slide layers not playing on ipad

I am having a trouble with audio playing on the iPad. I have one slide with multiple layers (four to be exact). The base slide has audio and so does each alide layer. When viewed on desktop everything works well, all audio players, functionality is great. However, when published in HTML5 on the iPad, only the base layer plays. Is this a limitation? That only one audio file can play when in the HTML5 output? 

Please reply

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vivian berger

I have run into a similar issue on the iPad but my audio files are on the main slide and do not overlap. The first audio on the slide will play, then the loading 'spinner' appears, so I am assuming it is trying to load the next audio, but then it never gets played. 

[I did look at the article referenced above but it just says "Storyline's HTML5 output will only play one audio or video resource at a time."] I had the audio files butting up, though not overlapping, however I specifically tried separating them as shown below and it still did not work.

Thanks for any suggestions?

Nick Elkins

I'm having the same issue, but I'm fairly certain it's not because of the HTML5 limitation of one media type. My base layer has an audio file, and towards the end of it the user clicks a button. That button has two triggers - one to stop the currently playing audio file, and one to show the new layer. On that layer, there's a trigger that plays the new audio file. But in the HTML5 iPad version, the audio on these layers will not play. Any thoughts?