Audio only plays the first of multiple times a layer is visited

Nov 05, 2015

I have a questions for you. I am having trouble with branching among layers of a slide.

​As you can see on the attachment, I have several layers set up. Neutral is the layer that we come back to after visiting each of the other layers listed above it.

1. learner selects an item to learn about.
2. That layer plays with audio and demonstration.
3. Learner clicks a button to return to neutral layer.'
4. neutral layer audio says,"Select another option now." 
5. Learner clicks on another button that takes them to  another layer.
6. When that option is learned, it returns to the neutral layer again.
7. this continues until all options have been learned.

I set up a variable that shows on the screen and increases by one every time that the timeline starts for the neutral layer.  I know that the Neutral layer is getting revisited every time because the variable counts up to 5. However, the audio for the Neutral layer only plays the first time it is visited.  I want it to play every time.

On all the layers other than Neutral, the triggers to leave the layer are show neutral layer upon clicking hotspot 3 and Hide this layer upon clicking hot spot 3.

Do you know why the neutral layer audio might not be playing every time that layer is visited?

Let me know if you need further clarification.

Thanks for any help you are able to give me.


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