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Feb 19, 2016

I'm working on a course where the user can select what they want to learn first. Based on which hotspot is selected, it directs them to a layer. When the layer is finished, it takes the learner back to the base layer. The problem with this is the base layer has audio. This audio needs to play for the initial visit to the slide, but should not play every time the learner visits the base layer. How can I make a trigger work for this?  


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Walt Hamilton

I didn't read you original very well. If the user clicks and visits a layer, that layer is considered part of the original slide. I imagine that when the audio finishes, they can click and visit different layers. When they finish a layer, either the timeline finishing, or a user action takes them back to the original. The trigger you want is to Hide the layer. It becomes invisible, and they are back on the original (Base) layer. Since the audio has finished, they won't hear it again.

If you are finishing a layer with a trigger that jumps to the slide, that will cause the audio to play again, and you don't want that. Just Hide the layer.

If this doesn't help, and it is replaying the audio, attach your .story file, and someone can take a look at it.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for sharing your .story file. I took a look at the first slide and I noticed first that the audio continues to play on the layers, and you may want to look at having the layers slide properties use the "pause timeline on base layer" to stop the audio, and then ensure that the slide properties are set to "resume to saved state".  I also noticed your next and previous button triggers are set to return to slide 1.1 and to the next/previous slide - so I just wanted to bring that to your attention as the triggers are a bit at odds with one another. 

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