Audio playing at same time on layers

I have a main layer with buttons that trigger to show layers. The Step 1 button shows the Step1 layer, the Step 2 shows the Step 2 layer, etc. Each layer has audio.

When the user clicks the Step 1 button, and then clcks the Step 2 button, the audio for each layer plays at the same time. Is there a way to have the audio on one layer stop when the other layer is shown?

I would like the objects on the slide layers to be visible, thus I don't want to choose the "Hide other slide layers" option.

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Ed,

Hmmm. Not sure how this could be done. Maybe someone will come up with a solution.

In the meantime, would it work for you to simply copy the images from these layers into the other layers? That way you could keep the "hide other layers" option on so the audio would pause appropriately and the images would still be viewable.

Ed Crane

Thanks Rebecca...I think you're right about there not being an exact solution, but I did find a way, similar to what you described.

I took the objects/text (they were groups) that I had residing on each layer and moved them to the main layer. That left the audio file on each layer.

I then saved the groups as pictures and replaced the objects with the corresponding pictures.

I set the initial state of each picture to hidden, and set up triggers so that when a button was clicked on the main layer, it would play the audio from the corresponding layer and unhide the picture. Then I changed each layer property to "Hide other layers". That seems to have done the trick!

Simon Ray

Hi guys

I had the same issue recently and 'fixed' it this way:

Go into the properties for each layer (the blue cog)

Tick the boxes 'Pause timeline of base layer' & 'Hide other slide layers'

Click OK...

This should stop the audio playing when you navigate away from the base layer and each subsequent least it did for mine!

Someone may have a more technically correct method.