Audio playing only if seekbar dragged back to beginning in HTML5 output

Aug 22, 2016

Hi folks -


Tackling the switch to HTML5 (from Flash) one step at a time. First, I have to get our current Storyline 2 courses to work on our LMS in Chrome (with Flash disabled) -- and then it will be time to make them work for the iPad (I've tabled this for the time being). Currently, have latest SL2 update and Chrome v. 52.0.2743.116 m.


My course has many slides with 1 audio file (recorded in SL2) and 1 video file (.mov) that play simultaneously with no problem, in Flash. With Flash disabled in Chrome, slides play the video, but not the audio -- UNLESS I drag the seekbar back to the beginning of the slide. Then, the audio and video play just fine.  I am testing my published file in Scorm Cloud, and in our LMS. Behaves the same way in both. Audio and video play fine together when I view the published output locally, on my Microsoft Surface.  


I can add audio to the videos themselves, and then re-add them to the Storyline file, eliminating the audio file recorded inside of Storyline. This seems to work. But the audio sounds too different than the rest of the slides (that don't have videos), and this will take too much time to do that for every video.


Is this an HTML5 glitch? A Storyline2 glitch? A Chrome glitch? Any help is greatly appreciated!



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Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for your patience Brigitte. I was able to see the issue you were reporting. I have reached out and shared with our QA Team for further review. 

In the meantime, for anyone following along, the workaround is:

1) Set the volume of the video to low (don't use mute)
2) Use a video editor to remove the audio in the video before inserting in Storyline

Brigitte Cahill

FYI...After scouring the web for days now looking for an answer to this, I stumbled across a post by someone who had a similar situation (unfortunately can't remember who, where, when!). This person's resolution was to (1) make sure the audio file is always on top of the timeline, and (2) drag the audio file to the right to start it at .25 seconds (rather than 'align to playhead').  This solved the problem! THANKS to whoever figured that out and posted it! This was, by far, the biggest challenge I've run across when dealing with HTML5 output/no Flash. Now I can move on to the smaller down, a dozen more to go...

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