audio plays fine on my computer, yet really low on other computers

On my laptop (Computer A), I created a Storyline project that includes some intro music (mp3) and audio recordings that I made myself (wav) on a different computer (Computer B).*  I published the project and it played great on my Computer A.  I shared the project with two friends for review (Computers C, D, and E) and both said that my audio recordings were barely audible on their own computers, yet the mp3 music file came through just fine.  Both said that yes, they turned up the volume all the way on their computers as well as the volume control on the player itself.  

I know I can increase the volume of my recorded wav files using the Audio Editor, but if I do that, will it blast the audio really loud when I play it on my Computer A since before it was playing just fine?  Why is there such a huge discrepancy among the different computers?  (On my Computer A, I don't even have to turn the volume up halfway to hear everything clearly).

*I didn't want to record my own audio within Storyline using the built-in Computer A microphone because the quality was really bad, lots of background noise.  I have a microphone but it's not USB compatible, thus I had to use my old laptop Computer B to plug in the mic, record, then transfer to Computer A for uploading.  Don't know if this bit of info helps.

Thanks a ton!

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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Kimberly: Welcome to the forum. There are differences in sound cards among different computers (Macs tend to have better/louder audio capabilities), but it's usually not as extreme as you are describing. I'm not sure you are going to be able to do anything about this, other than in the future, creating/recording your audio on one computer, with the same mic.

By the way, creating audio outside of Storyline (e.g., in Audacity) will give you more control over the audio. Just something to consider for down the road.

Kimberly Bnoforthchances

Hi Daniel! I apologize for this late response, but I wanted to thank you so much for your insight regarding the audio issues. I think maybe my new computer has an awesome sound card and can play audio really loud? But I wanted to make sure the audio quality was adequate on anyone's computer.

I ended up borrowing a friend's microphone and re-recording the script on my old laptop (the friend's mic didn't have a USB connection either). I had also forgotten that I had Audacity installed on my old laptop, so I used that to record and up the volume and then imported the new audio files into Storyline. That seemed to work better on everyone's computers. In the future, I think I'll invest in a USB microphone that has better quality, and in the meantime just continue to make the adjustments in Audacity. 

I love the Articulate community! Thanks again for your input!