Audio plays incorrectly on iPad version of course - Storyline 2 update 7

I have a course that plays correctly through the LMS for the PC version, but on an iPad, it doesn't. I have audio that happens the first time a learner visits a screen in my course. The course lets them choose one of four options and then they come back to this screen to select another option or go to the next page, whichever they want. On the PC, the course plays the audio the first time they are on the screen and plays the 2nd audio for times 2-4 they come to that screen, just as it was programmed. However, on the iPad, going through the LMS, the 1st time through audio plays correctly, but the 2nd-4th time through audio plays when they actually select any option, and gets cut off because the next screen loads, and then doesn't play when they come back to the screen the 2nd-4th times. How do I fix this so it functions correctly on both PC and iPads?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Beth -- So sorry for your troubles! I see you listed another thread regarding iPad issues over here, so let's see how we can help! As you mentioned that you are using an LMS, may I ask if you are finding the same behavior when you test your published output in the SCORM Cloud on your iPad, as well?

As I mentioned in the other thread, you are welcome to share your file here and we will be happy to do some testing for you. Or, if this is an urgent matter, you are also welcome to work directly with our Support Engineers by using this form to submit a support case. The choice is yours! :)